man holding a video game controller

Can You Be Addicted To Video Games?

: A Henry Ford physician explains how to recognize when a video gaming hobby might be a video game addiction (also known as gaming disorder) and what yo...

boy with tablet

Pros & Cons Of Screen Time: How To Manage Your Child’s Use

: Kids are growing up in an increasingly digital age, which means parents today face lots of decisions about screen use.

mom with pacifier

Ever Put Your Baby’s Pacifier In Your Mouth? It May Help Their Health

: Many parents probably think nothing of sucking on their baby’s pacifier to clean it after it falls to the ground. Turns out, doing so may benefi...

sad girl

3 Ways to Help Children Through Grief

: Navigating grief and understanding the permanence of death is a struggle for adults. For kids, the emotions can be just as troubling and complicated. ...

energy drinks

Energy Drinks And Kids: What You Should Know

: Energy drinks are the fastest growing beverage in the U.S. market, and they are especially popular among young people. Henry Ford pediatrician Dr. Sta...

child itching eczema

Soothing Your Child’s Eczema During Colder Months

: Eczema is a common skin condition that often affects many kids, and the colder months tend to be when symptoms are at their worst. A pediatrician offe...

girl with bandaid

Protecting Your Family From The Flu

: The flu isn't something to take lightly. Make sure that you and your family are protected by getting vaccinated early and taking precautions to preven...

girl at doctors

How To Make The Most Of Your Child's Well Visit

: Learn how to maximize your child’s back-to-school wellness visit or annual check-up with your pediatrician and which questions you should ask th...

medication safety

From Toddlers To Teens: Medication Safety Tips For Parents

: While prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines are often a crucial part of staying healthy, keeping these substances out of the hands of your...

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