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woman smoking outside

Is It Harder For Women To Quit Smoking Than Men?

: It turns out that the answer might be "yes." Here are a few theories as to why--and how you can overcome them.

woman getting vaccine

Getting The Flu Vaccine Is More Important Than Ever This Year

: As cases of COVID-19 and the flu continue to rise, getting your flu shot is key to protecting yourself against "flurona" this winter.

resetting goals

Don't Give Up On Your Resolutions Yet. How To Reset And Get Back On Track

: Whether you feel overwhelmed, have taken missteps or lost much-needed steam, here are 5 ways to reset after a setback.

apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar: A Reliable Health Aid Or All Hype?

: Is there any truth to claims that apple cider vinegar is a silver bullet for all kinds of common health problems?

woman with migraine

Is Botox An Effective Treatment For Migraine Headaches?

: Botox treatments can be life changing for those who experience frequent, debilitating migraine headaches. Learn why.

adult screen time

Screen Time Limits Aren't Just For Kids. Why Adults Need Them Too

: Learn how to take a balanced approach to setting screen time limits with these 6 strategies.

women walking and talking

Mental Health Is Health: Bridging The Gap Between Our Physical And Mental Health

: Learn how mental health affects physical health--and how to care for your mental health just as you care for your physical health.

white coat syndrome

White Coat Syndrome: How To Manage Increased Heart Rate At The Doctor's

: Does your blood pressure climb when you visit the doctor? Discover what white coat syndrome is, and how to handle it.

friends hiking

How Body Neutrality Can Promote A Healthier Body Image

: Body positivity says everyone is beautiful, but body neutrality takes the focus off appearance altogether. Here's why that might be a better approach ...

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