Primary Care

patient talking to therapist

How To Find The Right Mental Health Professional For You

: What's the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist--and which one should you see? Here's how to find a therapist who is right for you.

man getting vaccinated

Uncovering Flu Myths—And Why It’s Important To Get Vaccinated

: Yes, you should get the flu shot this season--even if you're young and healthy. Here's why. 

friends talking

Did You Know? HPV Causes More Than Just Cervical Cancer

: A recent study showed that many college students aren't aware that HPV can cause several types of cancers--which is all the more reason to get the HPV...

man doing situps

The Role Of Sports In Shaping Men’s Body Image—And How We Can Be More Inclusive

: A recent study showed that stereotypical masculinity is still viewed as ideal, especially when it comes to athletics. Here's how it can affect men--an...


Hemorrhoid Care: How To Treat And Then Avoid In The Future

: No one wants to talk about hemorrhoids, but lots of people get them. Learn how to treat — or better yet, prevent — this painful problem.

surviving humidity

Keep Your Cool: 7 Tips For Surviving Summer Heat And Humidity

: Learn how heat and humidity affect the body and may worsen certain underlying health conditions. Find tips to stay cool and thrive on even the hottest...

dad applying sunscreen

Fact Or Fiction: Sunscreen Myths Put To The Test

: Sunscreen is one of the best ways to decrease the risk of skin cancer and prevent the aging effects of sun damage. Are you using it properly? Find out...

young kid in the woods

Heading Outdoors? Watch Out For Ticks

: This summer, follow these tips to protect yourself from ticks when you head outdoors, and learn what to do if you find a tick or suspect a tick bite.

sports physical vs well visit

Can A Sports Physical Replace A Wellness Exam?

: There are big differences between what happens at a child's regular wellness visit and a sports physical. A pediatrician explains why each is importan...

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