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woman raking leaves

5 Tips For Autumn Allergy Relief

: While fall is undoubtedly the most popular season of the year, those with allergies know it can also deliver an unwanted dose of irritants. Here's how...

fall prevention

Fall Prevention 101: Your Best Advice For Avoiding Injury

: Falls are a leading cause of disability and death among seniors, but most falls are preventable.

tired woman at desk

Why Am I So Tired In The Morning?

: From changing hormones to the weather, there are a variety of factors that can make it hard to get going in the morning. Two experts explain.

skin cancer screening 1

Getting An Annual Skin Cancer Screening Can Be Life Saving

: One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Learn how to protect yourself and why an annual skin cancer screening is so vital.

taking breaks

Powering Through Your Workday? Stop And Take A Break

: Learn how taking breaks during the workday can reduce stress, boost productivity and improve your overall health.

bugs attracted to people

Why Are Bugs Attracted To Some People More Than Others?

: If mosquitoes frequently feast on you, learn how to become less attractive to the biting insects.

concerned looking couple

Beyond ED: Understanding 6 Sexual Problems For Men

: Erectile dysfunction (ED) gets a lot of attention but there are other sexual problems men face. Here are 6 common ones — and what you can do abo...


Unsure How To Handle Tick Bites? What You Need Know This Tick Season

: If you're spending time outdoors, learn how to prevent tick bites and what to watch for if you find a tick attached to your skin.

woman holding stomach

Why Am I Bloated?

: From hormones to carbonated beverages (yes, really), here are several possible culprits that can cause stomach bloat and tips for managing it.

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