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bee stings

Bee And Wasp Stings: A Go-To Guide

: Bee stings happen. Fortunately, for most people, getting stung is just a temporary nuisance that's easily treated.

summer habits for fall

6 Ways To Bring Your Healthy Summer Habits Into Fall

: It's not uncommon for people to pick up healthier habits in the summer; here's how to make them stick.


Is It COVID-19, The Flu, A Cold Or Allergies?

: Symptoms of the novel coronavirus are similar to many of those typical for influenza, the common cold and allergies. But there are a few key differenc...

worry vs anxiety

Worry and Anxiety: Do You Know the Difference?

: Worry and anxiety are natural during the coronavirus pandemic, but what do these terms really mean? And how do you know if you're suffering unnecessar...

beat the heat

Keeping Cool In Summer Heat

: With the intense summer heat and humidity, it's important to find ways to stay cool and stave off heat-related illnesses.

beer tasting

What Does Alcohol In Moderation Really Mean?

: What you consider to be a safe amount of alcohol might not match up with what the doctor recommends.

home remedies

Home Remedies: The Good And The Bad

: While it's tempting to turn to home remedies to cure what ails you, there are some important caveats to consider before you hit the health food store.

tired woman at computer

How Iron Deficiency Can Affect Your Life (And What To Do About It)

: Fatigue and weakness are generally the first signs of iron deficiency. A primary care doctor shares what can happen to your body if your iron levels d...

antibiotics and probiotics

Antibiotics And Probiotics: How Medications Affect Your Gut

: A Henry Ford internal medicine specialist answers your most pressing questions about antibiotics, and also addresses whether taking probiotics is indi...

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