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father with daughter

What’s The Difference Between Viral And Bacterial Infections?

: While they share a few similarities, viruses and bacteria are very different, from how they thrive to the treatments that work against them. An expert...

5 second rule

The 5-Second Rule: Is It Really Safe To Eat Food Off The Floor?

: According to the so-called “5-second rule,” it’s safe to eat food that only spends a few moments on the floor. But is that really tr...

woman pouring green juice

Redefining Self-Care For Your Mind, Body And Spirit

: Learn how taking time for your yourself can improve your overall health and well-being.

woman getting dressed

8 Unhealthy Fashion Trends We’ve Sworn Off (Thanks To The Pandemic)

: One fashion lesson the pandemic taught us? Comfy is always better. Learn why these loose, cozy styles can actually be healthier, too.

coffee substitutes

Need Caffeine To Stay Awake? Here Are Your Best Coffee Substitutes

: Looking for a coffee substitute? Try these 6 strategies to put the pep back in your step.

workout busy schedule

6 Strategies For Losing Weight When You Have A Busy Schedule

: If you have a hectic schedule, finding time to eat well and exercise can be a challenge. These 6 strategies can help.

Aspirin in weekly pill box

Daily Aspirin Therapy: The Benefits And Risks

: While taking an occasional aspirin is generally safe, taking one daily comes with serious risks according to new aspirin guidelines. Here are 7 facts ...

man shoveling

How To Make Shoveling Less Painful (Physically, At Least)

: If it's not done properly, shoveling snow can cause back and shoulder pain. An expert shares how to make this cold-weather chore less painful.

woman smoking outside

Is It Harder For Women To Quit Smoking Than Men?

: It turns out that the answer might be "yes." Here are a few theories as to why--and how you can overcome them.

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