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Bladder Cancer: Know The Basics

: Bladder cancer is a common form of cancer but one that few people know too much about. Learn about the symptoms, risk factors and more.

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How Your Senses Change with Age

: A Henry Ford physician explains how the five senses change as you age and what you can do to preserve their function.

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Caregivers: Be Mindful of Your Own Self-Care

: When you're a caregiver to a loved one, making time for yourself can be tough and your own needs often take a backseat. A nurse and caregiving expert ...

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Avoiding Falls During Winter Weather

: Falls due to icy, winter conditions can be dangerous, especially for seniors. A geriatrics specialist from Henry Ford Macomb Hospital offers tips on h...

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Are You Experiencing Caregiver Burnout?

: Taking care of loved ones for a prolonged period of time can lead to caregiver burnout. How to recognize the signs of burnout and what to do about it.

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Caregivers Learn To Conquer Stress And Burnout

: The demands of being a caregiver for a loved one are both physically and mentally taxing at times. Learn self-care techniques to prevent stress and bu...

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Seniors and STDs: Safe Sex As You Age

: Forget the stereotype of crossword puzzles or knitting -- sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in seniors. Here's why they still need protect...

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When A Fall Isn’t Just A Fall: 5 Simple Tips For Seniors

: Falls contribute to significant declines in health and life expectancy for seniors, as well as a loss of independence. Here are some tips to avoid fal...


Fitness Over 50: Active Tips As You Age

: The best way to prevent chronic illness and the effects of aging is to remain active. The key is finding activities that keep you strong and motivated...

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