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Considering Gender-Affirming Surgery? Here’s What To Know

: Gender-affirming surgery can be one step along your journey of transitioning to help you feel your best. Here, two experts answer questions people ask...

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The Link Between COVID-19 And Erectile Dysfunction

: While erectile dysfunction (ED) is likely more common in older men with medical issues, men young and old can get ED after contracting COVID-19. An ex...

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Understanding The Difference Between Sex And Gender

: The words sex and gender are sometimes used interchangeably, but they aren't the same. A doctor explains the difference, and why it's important to kno...

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Beyond ED: Understanding 6 Sexual Problems For Men

: Erectile dysfunction (ED) gets a lot of attention but there are other sexual problems men face. Here are 6 common ones — and what you can do abo...

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Could You Have Low Testosterone?

: Do you often feel weak or tired? Suffering from a low sex drive or erectile dysfunction (ED)? These symptoms are difficult for many men to admit, but ...

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What To Do When Sex Hurts: An Expert's Guide To More Comfortable Intimacy

: If you're experiencing pain during intercourse, there are a number of things you can do to minimize the pain and make sex more pleasurable.

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How To Support The Health Of The LGBTQ+ Community

: It's important to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ health disparities and concerns not just during Pride month, but year-round.

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How To Support A Transgender Teen

: Parenting a transgender teen can be difficult at first. Use these tips to support your teen in the midst of a gender transition.


Taking The Fear Out Of Vasectomy: Your Q's Answered

: Vasectomies are one of the most common procedures done in the U.S., but many men still have their fears. A urologist answers questions about vasectomy...

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