stroke and race

How Race And Socioeconomic Status Relate To Your Risk Of Stroke

: Many health conditions impact certain communities more than others. Stroke is one condition in which race and socioeconomic status can play a major ro...

stroke and age

Too Young For A Stroke? How Age Relates To Your Stroke Risk

: Whether you are young or old, an untreated stroke can be fatal. There are many factors that contribute to your risk for a stroke, regardless of your a...

helping someone after stroke

Offering A Hand: 9 Ways To Support A Friend After A Stroke

: Recovering from a stroke can be a long journey, and helping hands are often needed. Learn how you can support a friend following a serious health issu...

heart attack stroke questions

Heart Attack and Stroke: Your Top Questions Answered

: Heart attack and stroke are two related conditions that have very different symptoms and effects. Learn the key facts to help reduce your risk for bot...

clock face

It's All About Time: Surviving & Thriving After A Stroke

: When someone is having stroke symptoms, time is critical. Every minute counts. Learn about early signs of a stroke and what to do when you notice them...

person texting

Dystextia: Garbled Texts May Be A Sign Of Stroke

: We’ve probably all chuckled at those funny examples of “autocorrect gone bad,” where a text someone sent to a family member causes e...

no smoking sign

Thirdhand Smoke: More Danger When You Light Up

: You've heard of secondhand smoke, but did you know that thirdhand smoke has been found to be a real health threat too? Learn what it is and how to avo...

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