person getting vaccinated

Another Reason To Get Vaccinated? To Stop Variants From Developing

: The longer people stay unvaccinated, the more likely it is that a COVID-19 variant will form that is resistant to our current vaccines. An expert expl...

doctor holding covid vaccine

10 Rumors About The COVID-19 Vaccines That Aren't True

: The FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines are both safe and effective. Here, we debunk rumors and separate vaccine fact from fiction.

man getting vaccination

Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine? Here's How To Prepare

: Make sure you are prepared for your appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine with these doctor-approved recommendations.

doctor holding vaccine bottles

Messenger RNA Is A Game-Changer For Vaccines. Here's Why

: The new COVID-19 vaccines are exciting in more ways than one. Here, an infectious disease specialist shares what they mean for the future of vaccines.

why do we need multiple covid vaccines

Why Do We Need More Than One COVID-19 Vaccine?

: A few COVID-19 vaccines are showing very promising results in the late stages of clinical trials. So, if we find one that works, why not just stick wi...

diversity in vaccine trials

Why Is Diversity So Important In Vaccine Trials?

: To ensure that a vaccine for COVID-19 is most effective, recruiting participants from diverse backgrounds -- including race, gender, age, health statu...

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5 Misconceptions About HPV (And The Truth About Them)

: A women's cancer expert debunks the myths and misconceptions about human papillomavirus (HPV), its vaccine and how it affects our bodies.

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