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Here’s Where That COVID-19 Vaccine Infertility Myth Came From—And Why It Is Not True

: Millennials and Gen Z'ers can rest assured knowing that the vaccines will not affect their fertility now or in the future. Here's why.

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Why Is Breast Cancer The Most Common Type Of Cancer?

: While there's still a lot to learn, an expert shares ways to stay vigilant and lower your breast cancer risk.


Managing An Endometriosis Diagnosis—And The Pain That Comes With It

: Get the facts about endometriosis and learn how to manage the lower abdominal pain, pressure and painful periods associated with it.


5 Steps For Relieving Your PMS Symptoms

: Many women experience bothersome symptoms in the days before menstruation begins. Learn how to manage PMS symptoms and when you need to seek medical t...

covid-19 vaccine and fertility

Will Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine Affect My Fertility?

: Rumors about the COVID-19 vaccine’s possible impact on fertility, pregnancy and miscarriage make it even harder for women to decide what’s...

pregnancy and heart health

Maintaining A Healthy Heart Throughout Your Pregnancy

: The diagnosis of a heart condition doesn't mean you aren't able to have a successful and healthy pregnancy. Learn what steps you can take before welco...

postpartum birth control

Postpartum Birth Control: Exploring Your Options For Post-Birth Fertility

: Learn which birth control options are best after delivering a new baby.

delivery after cesarean

Weighing Your Delivery Options After Cesarean

: Deciding how to best deliver your baby after a previous C-section can be complicated. Here's what you need to know.

uterine fibroids

5 Facts About Uterine Fibroids That May Surprise You

: Uterine fibroids are remarkably common, but also misunderstood. Learn 5 things you may not know about fibroid tumors.

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