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How To Manage Breakthrough Bleeding During Your Menstrual Cycle

: Breakthrough bleeding between periods (also known as spotting) is common; here are 8 possible triggers.

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Spicy Foods, Sex & More: What Actually Helps To Induce Labor?

: Let's set the record straight--can remedies from old wives' tales make you go into labor? A nurse midwife separates fact from fiction.

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Uncovering Inequities In Black Maternal Health

: Black women are at a higher risk of pregnancy complications and Black infants have the highest mortality rate of any race or ethnicity. Learn what can...

high risk pregnancy

How Does a High-Risk Pregnancy Impact Your Prenatal Care?

: Learn what factors can cause a high-risk pregnancy and how it impacts prenatal care and delivery.

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Why Young Women Are At Greater Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis

: Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a complicated disease that disproportionately affects women; but a diagnosis isn't the end of the line.

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Everything You Should Know About Cervical Cancer

: Cervical cancer screenings are very important for women as young as 21. Learn why--along with cervical cancer risk factors and treatment methods. ...

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Can The COVID-19 Vaccines Throw Off Your Menstrual Cycle?

: The COVID-19 vaccines may cause a slight, temporary fluctuation in menstrual cycles, but minor fluctuations are normal. Learn more. 


Preeclampsia Is A Risk During Pregnancy - Here's What You Need To Know

: Concerned about preeclampsia? Get the facts about this common condition that affects pregnant women.

nonhormonal birth control

Considering Nonhormonal Birth Control? A Breakdown Of Your Best Options

: Looking for alternatives to hormonal methods of birth control? A variety of nonhormonal options can safely and effectively prevent pregnancy.

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