grilled pork medallions

Grilled Pork With Mustard Sauce Recipe & Video

: Summer is winding down, and by now, you may be a little tired of the same-old meals you’ve been grilling up all summer. (Not burgers, again?) Or...


Goal: Family Fitness

: Between school and social obligations, it’s easy to put fitness on the back burner. Try these 7 strategies for fitness that's fun for the whole ...

pet ownership 2

5 Health Perks Of Pet Ownership

: A growing body of research suggests pet ownership also comes with some welcome health benefits. Here are 5 of them.

food swaps zucchini

Healthy Hacks: 10 Food Swaps That Don't Sacrifice Flavor

: A registered dietitian offers 10 healthy and tasty food swaps you can incorporate into your kitchen for better nutrition and smarter choices.

meningitis college kids

Meningitis: What Parents & Students Need To Know

: It’s time for college students to head off to school, either returning to campus or moving in for the first time. There’s a lot to do befo...

zucchini bread

Video: Greek Yogurt Zucchini Bread Recipe

: Sneaking veggies into tasty sweet treats? Zucchini bread is a classic example of this time-honored nutritional trick. This Greek yogurt version is als...


Fun & Fitness: Olympic Sports Anyone Can Try

: Summer Olympics sports can be full of backyard fun – and come with astonishing health benefits.

healthy frozen treats

5 Healthy Frozen Treats

: Nothing beats the summer heat like a frozen treat. Unfortunately, most options in the freezer aisle are high in sugar, preservatives and artificial co...

canned tomatoes

Saving Your Summer Harvest: Tips For Canning & Freezing

: The goal of canning and freezing is simple: to ensure food safety and preserve quality so that you can enjoy those fruits and veggies all year long.

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