woman holding shopping bags

6 Tips For A Healthier (And Happier) Black Friday

: Planning to seek out some great deals on Black Friday? Here are 6 tips to help you stay healthy and happy on your shopping adventure this year.

mother holding her son

The Power Of Gratitude

: Research shows that people who express gratitude are happier, more optimistic and have stronger immune systems and emotional ties. 5 tips to get start...

man sitting with his dog

Fact or Fiction? Busting 6 Myths About Asthma

: One in 12 Americans live with asthma, and understanding the triggers can help manage symptoms. Here are some common myths about asthma, de-bunked.

dining out

6 Tips For Dining Out Healthfully

: Dining out doesn't have to be a dietary disaster. Whether you dine in a restaurant or order take out, here are 6 tips for eating healthier away from h...

man breaking cigarette

Up in Smoke: The Truth About Cigarette Alternatives

: It’s no secret smoking is bad for your health. It increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer (lung and otherwise) — and it's th...

sweet potato bites

Spicy Sweet Potato Bites Recipe & Video

: These sweet potato bites are a fun twist on a twice-baked loaded potato, only these are loaded with vitamin-packed flavorful, healthy ingredients.

two women sitting on a bench

Boost Your Health With Acts Of Kindness

: Our brains have positive psychological reactions with even simple acts of kindness and it can actually help your health. 5 tips to get you started.

woman holding a cup of coffee

5 Ways To Preempt Seasonal Affective Disorder Now

: Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) are remarkably effective, and you can even take preventive measures like these before the season h...

acorn squash bowls

Vegetarian Acorn Squash Bowls Recipe & Video

: These nutrient-dense Vegetarian Acorn Squash Bowls can be served as an impressive side dish for the holidays or a satisfying meatless meal on any week...

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