What Mom’s Genes Say About You

: Are you destined for the same health risks as your parents? Not necessarily. Here are 6 conditions that do have a genetic link — and how to minimize r...

man and woman laying on the floor

Managing Good Stress (Yes, You Need To)

: People usually link stress with difficult times, but even happy life events can cause stress. And your body reacts the same way to "good" or "bad" str...

summer workout mistakes

7 Summer Workout Mistakes To Avoid

: Maintaining some sort of workout schedule throughout the year is a great way to live a healthy life. However, summer can be prime time for workout-rel...

woman on phone

Tech Neck: Is Your Phone Causing You Pain?

: Many people spend more time looking down at screens and experiencing pain. A Henry Ford chiropractor explains tech neck and how to avoid and treat it.

baby led weaning

Skip The Baby Food: Could Your Child Benefit From Baby-Led Weaning?

: Learn why baby-led weaning is becoming increasingly popular for introducing babies to solids — and how to do it safely.

college kid

Prepping Your Kid For College

: Whether your teen is going to a local community college or across the country for school, college represents a huge change. The experience stirs up mi...

summer sleep

Summertime Slumber: Your Guide To Better Sleep

: Summer is time for vacations, outdoor fun and late-night festivities, all of which can affect sleep schedules. Tips to keep your summer shuteye on tra...

angry woman sitting with man

Mending Fences After A High-Tension Election

: Now that the election is over, it’s time to rebuild relationships affected by one of the most tense elections in modern history. How to move for...


5 Ways to Enjoy Winter (And Burn Calories)

: Outdoor winter exercise can be a great way to beat the blues, increase energy and boost immunity. Here are five ways to enjoy the weather and get fit ...

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