woman exercising outside

The Link Between Exercise And The Flu Vaccine

: Exercise is a healing prescription for nearly every ailment. Now, research shows it may help enhance your immune response to the flu shot.

what is unconscious bias

What Is Unconscious Bias?

: We all have unconscious bias. We make automatic, unintentional reactions or judgments about other people based on gender, race, ethnicity, body size, ...

happiness and satisfaction

Satisfaction Guaranteed: How To Create Your Own Happiness

: This year has got everyone feeling down. Learn how to find what makes you happy to promote positive mental health and long-term satisfaction.

elderly woman sitting at table

Understanding The Link Between Breast Cancer And Heart Disease

: Some cancer treatments may cause heart damage in certain individuals. A medical oncologist and cardiologist share what you need to know. 

acupuncture for anxiety

How To Get The Most Out Of Acupuncture For Your Anxiety

: Acupuncture is a proven strategy to reduce anxiety. Learn how to maintain the results of treatment long after you return home.

husband and wife talking

Is Hearing Loss Affecting Your Connection To Others?

: About 48 million Americans have some hearing loss, but adults wait an average of 7 years before seeking help. Learn why a hearing test is so important...

bones and strength training

How To Build Stronger Bones With Strength Training

: When it comes to bone health, you might think about nutrients like calcium and vitamin D, but it turns out that weight-bearing exercise and strength t...

concussion symptoms

Concussions Symptoms And Signs: What To Watch For

: Since concussion signs are rarely clear cut, a sports neurologist explains which concussion symptoms to watch for after a head injury.


Get Back On Your Feet: How A Podiatrist Can Help

: What is a podiatrist? A foot and ankle surgeon discusses what these specialists do and how they can help with foot or heel pain and a variety of other...

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