bones and strength training

How To Build Stronger Bones With Strength Training

: When it comes to bone health, you might think about nutrients like calcium and vitamin D, but it turns out that weight-bearing exercise and strength t...

setting a schedule

Pandemic Planning: How To Create An Effective Schedule For Your Kids

: With parents and kids feeling the strain of COVID-19, it's more important than ever before to create an effective schedule.

comfort foods

Comfort Food Gets Healthy

: Satisfying your comfort food cravings doesn’t have to derail a healthy diet. These 5 tips can help modify favorite dishes into diet-friendly ind...

Can Brain Games and Supplements Boost Memory?

Can Brain Games And Supplements Boost Your Memory?

: Do apps or dietary supplements that promise to improve memory really work? An expert explains why these tools may fall short of their claims -- and sh...

winter workouts

6 Tips For The Best Cold-Weather Workout

: Adopting these six strategies can help ensure your outdoor winter workouts are safe and effective and might help you stave off COVID-19.

bowl of candy

Sugar Rush: Combat Your Cravings

: The average American downs 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day, about 3 times the recommended amount. Want to rein in your sugar intake? Try these 5 ...

restaurant menu label

How To Eat Healthy With New Restaurant Menu Labeling Laws

: New FDA regulations require chain restaurants and grocery stores need to start providing calorie counts on their menus. Registered dietitian Bethany T...

holding radishes

How to Start a Home Garden (And Why You Should)

: Henry Ford’s on-staff farmer highlights the health and wellness perks of growing your own food and offers tips for how to get started with a hom...

senior couple outdoors

Kidney Cancer 101

: A urologist and kidney specialist answers common questions about the function of the kidneys, kidney cancer, and what you can do to lower your risk.

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