eating overnight oats from a jar

Overnight Oatmeal Recipe

: Looking for a healthy breakfast option that you can grab on-the-go? Try this recipe for overnight oatmeal provided by Darlene Zimmerman, a registered ...

superfood smoothie bowl

Superfood Smoothie Bowl Recipe & Video

: Tips for healthy living

family fun 1

Family Fun Doesnt Break Bank

: Entertaining kids during the summer is easy—if you have unlimited funds. But if you don’t, it can seem challenging. Theme parks, water par...


New Tool Lets You Hear The Way They Do

: The Hearing Loss Simulator allows people with normal hearing capabilities to hear what the world sounds like to someone with hearing loss.


Sunburn Basics: Take The Sting Out Of Sunburn

: Proper sun protection is the first line of defense, of course. But once a sunburn happens, it’s important to focus on healing fast. 6 ways to so...

mediterranean layered salad

VIDEO: Mediterranean Layered Salad Recipe

: Our busy lives just seem to get busier, and sometimes that means eating a healthy lunch takes a backseat to other priorities. A little prep time and a...

no smoking sign

Thirdhand Smoke: More Danger When You Light Up

: You've heard of secondhand smoke, but did you know that thirdhand smoke has been found to be a real health threat too? Learn what it is and how to avo...


Amp Up Your Workouts With Plyometrics

: A great way to enhance fitness performance is by adding childhood pastimes like hopping and skipping to your workouts, a method known as plyometrics.

girl cooking

5 Ways To Cook With Your Kids (& Why You Should)

: Getting your kids cooking young and comfortable in the kitchen can teach lessons on healthy eating that can last a lifetime. Learn how to get started.

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