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8 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp

: Research shows the brain continues forming new connections throughout our lives. Help it along with these 8 strategies to keep your mind sharp as you ...


The Science of Fitness: Does Exercise Change Your DNA?

: Does exercise have the power to change your genetics? New research explains why changes at the cellular level may help you live longer and prevent dis...

sex and aging

Could Sex Be Even Better With Age?

: Aging doesn't have to be a barrier to a healthy sex life. Learn to handle physical and emotional changes, and why some people say sex gets better with...

cancer care package

Creating A Cancer Care Package

: When a loved one has cancer, it’s natural to want to lend your support and show you care. A nurse provides advice and ideas for cancer care pack...


How To Stay Hydrated: 7 Tips For An Active Summer

: While staying hydrated is always important, it's more challenging as the weather heats up. An athletic trainer offers tips on optimal hydration.

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DIY Spice Mixes

: Healthy cooking does not mean that the food you're eating needs to be bland. Here are 6 ideas for homemade spice mixes to use in your favorite dishes.

children with epilepsy

Children With Epilepsy: 10 Tips For Parents

: Despite the risk of seizures and other health concerns, there are steps to take to help children with epilepsy live very normal, healthy, happy lives.


7 Ways To Fit In Fitness At Work

: Sitting for 8 hours a day increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes and other conditions. Here are ways to fit in fitness into your workday.

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Sun Protection 101

: While you enjoy sunny days, backyard barbecues and outdoor sports, it's important to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Here are 7 ke...

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