confetti salad

Recipe & Video: Confetti Salad With Lime-Cilantro Dressing

: Fresh, raw veggies. A couple things from the freezer. A flavorful dressing that ties it all together. There aren't many recipes out there that get eas...

woman wearing mask

Everything We Know About The Omicron Variant Right Now

: From symptoms to severity (and more) here's what experts know about this COVID-19 variant so far.

advocating for kids

Self-Advocating: Why Kids Need To Learn This Important Skill Early On

: Teaching kids to start advocating for their health is an important step in them having a say in their health and how they are being cared for.

woman with walker

Everything You Need To Know About Osteoarthritis

: Wondering whether you have osteoarthritis? An expert explains risk factors, symptoms and treatment options.

apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar: A Reliable Health Aid Or All Hype?

: Is there any truth to claims that apple cider vinegar is a silver bullet for all kinds of common health problems?

father and son walking

A Psychologist's Guide To Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys

: Toxic masculinity can have serious consequences, both mentally and physically. Here's how to help your boys express their feelings in a constructive w...

exercise for anxiety

How Exercise Can Help Reduce Your Anxiety

: Exercise can reduce anxiety and improve your overall health. Learn tips for starting and maintaining a fitness habit.

winter heart health

How To Protect Your Heart Health During The Winter

: Your heart has to work harder in the winter to keep you going, so that means you can't overdo it. Learn the biggest factors contributing to winter hea...

woman with migraine

Is Botox An Effective Treatment For Migraine Headaches?

: Botox treatments can be life changing for those who experience frequent, debilitating migraine headaches. Learn why.

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