nut butters

Which Nut Butter Is Best? How To Pick A Healthy Favorite

: Once made only of peanuts, nut butter varieties are taking center stage in grocery store aisles.

early rehab covid

The Benefits of Starting Rehab Early After A Hospital Stay

: Studies show that starting a rehabilitation program as early as possible during or after a hospital stay helps speed up recovery.

friends hiking

How Body Neutrality Can Promote A Healthier Body Image

: Body positivity says everyone is beautiful, but body neutrality takes the focus off appearance altogether. Here's why that might be a better approach ...

bad night sleep or sleep disorder

Sleep Disorder Or A Bad Night's Sleep? When To Consult Your Doctor

: Wondering whether you have run-of-the-mill sleep woes or a diagnosable sleep disorder? Pay attention to these 4 warning signs. 

child getting vaccinated

Kids 5 To 11 Can Now Get The COVID-19 Vaccine. Here's What To Know

: The FDA issued an emergency use authorization for the Pfizer vaccine in kids ages 5 to 11. Here's why it's important that parents get their children v...


Perimenopause: How To Manage Symptoms And Improve Your Overall Health

: Many woman begin to experience perimenopause as early as mid-30s. Learn how medication and lifestyle changes can provide relief. 

couple sitting outside

The Benefits Of Celebrating Your Cancerversary

: Celebrating a momentous day in your cancer journey can help you commemorate and heal. Here's how.     

man getting vaccine

Should I Get A COVID-19 Booster Shot?

: Additional doses of COVID-19 vaccines are now recommended for many people, based upon age, health condition and work or living environment. Here's how...

stress trackers

Trying To Manage Your Stress Levels? A Stress Tracker Could Help

: Stress tracking tools can help you notice when you're stressed out and prompt you to do something about it.

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