pregnancy COVID anxiety

COVID Anxiety While Pregnant? 4 Strategies To Help You Get By

: Anxiety runs high even during an ideal pregnancy. Add COVID-19 to the mix and you may need a preemptive plan to find calm inside of chaos.

doctor discussions

The Importance Of Telling The Truth To Your Doctor

: Learn why the topics you're most embarrassed to address with your doctor are the same ones they most need to hear about.

11 minute workouts

Can You Get the Exercise You Need In 11 Minutes?

: Sitting all day is bad for you, but you may need to spend less time exercising than you think to reap the benefits.

friends talking

Science Says We Need More Than Close Relationships. Here's Why

: You might know that having close relationships can increase your happiness--but you might not know that having casual acquaintances can, too.

face masks

Why Two Face Masks Are Better Than One

: The CDC says that doubling up on face masks can give you better protection against COVID-19. Here's how to do it properly.

man trying to read phone

4 Signs You May Be At Risk For Diabetes

: 1 in 4 Americans with diabetes is unaware that they have this serious but possibly preventable disease. Are you one of them? Here are 4 warning signs ...

delivery after cesarean

Weighing Your Delivery Options After Cesarean

: Deciding how to best deliver your baby after a previous C-section can be complicated. Here's what you need to know.


10 Often-Overlooked Signs Of An Overactive Thyroid

: Symptoms of hyperthyroidism may be vague and easy to dismiss. Here are 10 signs of an overactive thyroid that may surprise you.

room with ambiance

6 Ways To Create A Soothing Space During Cancer Care

: A psychologist shares how your surroundings can influence your mood and help keep you calm and comforted during this difficult time.

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