pink brain

New Advances That Are Changing Brain Cancer Treatment

: Three neuro-oncologists share the innovative treatments and therapies that could be game changers for those diagnosed with brain tumors. 

man getting vaccine

Should I Get A COVID-19 Booster Shot?

: Additional doses of COVID-19 vaccines are now recommended for everyone ages 12+. Here are the booster shot guidelines--and why everyone should get one...

confetti salad

Recipe & Video: Confetti Salad With Lime-Cilantro Dressing

: Fresh, raw veggies. A couple things from the freezer. A flavorful dressing that ties it all together. There aren't many recipes out there that get eas...

woman wearing mask

Everything We Know About The Omicron Variant Right Now

: From symptoms to severity (and more) here's what experts know about this COVID-19 variant so far.

advocating for kids

Self-Advocating: Why Kids Need To Learn This Important Skill Early On

: Teaching kids to start advocating for their health is an important step in them having a say in their health and how they are being cared for.

woman with walker

Everything You Need To Know About Osteoarthritis

: Wondering whether you have osteoarthritis? An expert explains risk factors, symptoms and treatment options.

apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar: A Reliable Health Aid Or All Hype?

: Is there any truth to claims that apple cider vinegar is a silver bullet for all kinds of common health problems?

father and son walking

A Psychologist's Guide To Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys

: Toxic masculinity can have serious consequences, both mentally and physically. Here's how to help your boys express their feelings in a constructive w...

exercise for anxiety

How Exercise Can Help Reduce Your Anxiety

: Exercise can reduce anxiety and improve your overall health. Learn tips for starting and maintaining a fitness habit.

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