science of smell

Why Smell Is Important - The Role Your Nose Has In Helping You Make Decisions

: From detecting potential threats to forming important attachments, learn how and why our sense of smell is a powerful force.

woman getting vaccianted

Why Should Immunocompromised People Get A Third COVID-19 Vaccine Dose?

: If you have a weakened immune system, a third dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine will increase your protection against COVID-19. An expert shares e...

negative calorie foods

Is There Really Such A Thing As A Negative-Calorie Food?

: Can so-called negative-calorie foods help you meet your weight loss goals? A registered dietitian explains. 

bugs attracted to people

Why Are Bugs Attracted To Some People More Than Others?

: If mosquitoes frequently feast on you, learn how to become less attractive to the biting insects.

taking breaks

Powering Through Your Workday? Stop And Take A Break

: Learn how taking breaks during the workday can reduce stress, boost productivity and improve your overall health.

woman grocery shopping

How To Start An Elimination Diet

: Whether you're trying to diagnose a food sensitivity or ease IBS symptoms, an elimination diet can help. Here, an expert explains how it works.

5 Back-To-School Tips To Help Kids Make A Smooth Transition

5 Back-To-School Tips To Help Kids Make A Smooth Transition

: Returning to a school routine following summer break can be tough for kids. Here, a child psychiatrist offers tips to help ease the back-to-school tra...

female runner

What Is Jogging Disease And Why Does It Affect Healthy Athletes?

: Athletes who feel pain, tingling, numbness or cramping in their lower calves could have a circulation issue--one that requires a doctor's intervention...

young woman talking with grandmother

How Do I Know If I'm At High Risk For Developing Cancer?

: An expert explains the factors that make someone more likely to develop cancer--and shares the steps to take if you are considered high risk. 

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