coconut oil

The Truth About Coconut Oil

: Coconut oil has been touted as a “good fat” recently. However, a new report from the American Heart Association debunks this myth. A cardiologist expl...

athlete mental health

Athletes' Mental Health: How To Overcome The Pressure Of Competition

: For athletes, the mental exhaustion and other mental health issues that come with playing sports can become more prevalent, especially at higher level...

gummy worms

Parents, Beware Of THC-Laced Edibles That Look Like Candy

: Many marijuana edibles look just like candy--and if a child gets ahold of them, they likely can't tell the difference. Here's what parents should know...

woman getting temperature check

Why COVID-19’s Delta Variant Is Bad News For The Pandemic

: The Delta variant is the most contagious form of the coronavirus we've seen yet. An expert shares what we know about this variant so far.

watermelon gazpacho recipe video

Recipe & Video: Watermelon Gazpacho

: This Watermelon Gazpacho is the perfect balance of savory and sweet (not too much we swear). Its refreshing ingredients will keep you nourished and hy...

woman exercising at home

The Benefits Of Exercise During and After Cancer Treatment

: An expert shares why it's important to get your body moving when you're going through cancer and recovering from treatment.

craniofacial pain

Suffering From Headaches Or TMJ Issues? Get Relief From Craniofacial Pain

: If you have facial, jaw or head pain, don't suffer in silence. Learn what causes craniofacial pain and how to get relief.

father putting mask on child

How To Keep Your Kids Safe This School Year Amid COVID-19

: Going back to in-person learning can be nerve-racking. An expert shares precautions to take to protect your children from contracting COVID-19.

women ACL injuries

Women And ACL Injuries – Know The Risks And Steps For Prevention

: Learn why women are at greater risk for ACL injuries and how strength training and neuromuscular exercises can help prevent these injuries.

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