white coat syndrome

White Coat Syndrome: How To Manage Increased Heart Rate At The Doctor's

: Does your blood pressure climb when you visit the doctor? Discover what white coat syndrome is, and how to handle it.

couple getting christmas tree

COVID-19 Cases Are High In Michigan. What Does This Mean For The Holidays?

: The pandemic is unfortunately still here--and Michigan is a hotspot. An expert shares how to stay safe this holiday season.

stuffed pepper chili

Recipe & Video: Stuffed Pepper Chili

: Everyone loves a good bowl of chili, but in this recipe, you stuff your homemade chili into hollowed out bell peppers - an easy way to bring some colo...

male pattern baldness

7 Common Hair Loss Myths: The Truth About Male Pattern Baldness

: Hair loss happens — and middle-aged men aren't the only victims. We debunk 7 male pattern baldness myths.

mom and kids cooking

Kids Who Eat More Fruits & Veggies Have Better Mental Health, Study Shows

: Learn what kids should eat--and why--for improved mental health and well-being. 

nonhormonal birth control

Considering Nonhormonal Birth Control? A Breakdown Of Your Best Options

: Looking for alternatives to hormonal methods of birth control? A variety of nonhormonal options can safely and effectively prevent pregnancy.

caregiver reading with mom

5 Tips For Joint-Replacement Caregivers

: If your loved one is undergoing a joint replacement, here's how you can make their post-surgery life easier.

soup starters

Soup Starters: A Healthy Shortcut Or Recipe For A High-Sodium Dinner?

: Too busy to make soup from scratch? Soup starters can be a great way to save time -- as long as you choose a healthy option.

girl holding donut

How The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Impacted Childhood Obesity

: The rate of childhood obesity increased during the pandemic. Here are possible reasons why--and what we can do about it. 

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