breast cancer

8 Breast Cancer Myths, Solved

: Breast cancer surgeon Dr. Jessica Bensenhaver shares common breast cancer myths she hears - some of which can be dangerous - and offers a reality chec...

mens health awkward questions

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Awkward Men’s Health Issues

: A Henry Ford physician explains how to break the ice with your doctor when you need to talk about sensitive men’s health issues.

child nose

Did Your Child Put A Small Object Where It Doesn’t Belong?

: A Henry Ford expert explains what to do when your child puts a foreign object in his nose, mouth or ears.


Reiki: Your Questions Answered

: A Henry Ford expert answers frequently asked questions about an age-old therapy called reiki.

medicine cabinet

Empty That Medicine Cabinet: Safe Medication Storage Tips

: A Henry Ford pharmacist offers tips for safe medication storage, plus advice on when and how to dispose of those that have expired.


3 Easy Summer Mocktail Recipes

: These fun summer mocktail recipes are sure to make an event more special for everyone -- not just the drinkers in the group. Try these nonalcoholic dr...


Can a Coronary Calcium Scan Save Your Life?

: In just 15 minutes, a coronary calcium scan can give you a picture of the calcium plaque buildup in your heart. It can inspire lifestyle changes or tr...

man grilling

The Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Cooking Methods

: A Henry Ford dietitian explains food prep do’s and don’ts for healthy cooking methods and reducing the toxicity of your foods.

ginger for nausea

7 Remedies for Taming Nausea

: A Henry Ford oncology nurse, with lots of experience helping patients with nausea, explains what causes nausea and gives tips on remedies to quiet a q...

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