maple roasted vegetables

Recipe & Video: Maple Roasted Vegetables

: Getting a little bored of steamed vegetables? This maple-roasted veggies dish is the perfect way to dress up healthy vegetables without sacrificing nu...

high risk pregnancy

How Does a High-Risk Pregnancy Impact Your Prenatal Care?

: Learn what factors can cause a high-risk pregnancy and how it impacts prenatal care and delivery.

sleep positions

Which Sleep Position Is Best? Your Questions Answered

: Falling asleep only to wake during the night? Learn how your sleep position and environment can help you get a better night’s rest.

father and son at airport

Do I Need To Worry About The COVID-19 BA.2 Variant?

: A new variant--a "descendant" of Omicron--is becoming dominant in the U.S. But here's why it might not cause a huge surge in COVID-19 cases.

heart failure risks

How You And Your Doctor Can Reduce Your Risk of Heart Failure

: Learn steps you can take to reduce your risk for heart failure, including lifestyle changes, knowing your numbers and symptoms you shouldn’t ign...

birds eye view trees world

How Climate Change Is Affecting Our Health

: From respiratory diseases to worsened mental health issues, climate change has already begun to impact our health. Here's how.

woman getting dressed

8 Unhealthy Fashion Trends We’ve Sworn Off (Thanks To The Pandemic)

: One fashion lesson the pandemic taught us? Comfy is always better. Learn why these loose, cozy styles can actually be healthier, too.

person holding knee

Snap, Crackle & Pop: Why Do My Knees Make Noises—And Should I See A Doctor?

: An expert explains when noisy knees are normal--and when they require medical attention.


Fiber Is Good For You. Here's How To Add More To Your Diet

: When it comes to adding more fiber in your diet, understanding the health benefits is a good place to start.

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