couple cooking dinner

For Cancer Survivors, Diet And Exercise May Lower Risk Of Recurrence

: A healthy lifestyle may reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. Read the American Cancer Society's updated recommendations for cancer survivors and how ...

stroke and race

How Race And Socioeconomic Status Relate To Your Risk Of Stroke

: Many health conditions impact certain communities more than others. Stroke is one condition in which race and socioeconomic status can play a major ro...

sports physical vs well visit

Can A Sports Physical Replace A Wellness Exam?

: There are big differences between what happens at a child's regular wellness visit and a sports physical. A pediatrician explains why each is importan...

sleep reactivity

Is Sleep Reactivity The Reason Why You Struggle To Sleep Better?

: Learn strategies to eliminate disruptions that can affect your sleep and overall health.

transgender women taking photo

Considering Gender-Affirming Surgery? Here’s What To Know

: Gender-affirming surgery can be one step along your journey of transitioning to help you feel your best. Here, two experts answer questions people ask...

diabetes concept photo

COVID-19 Infection May Increase Risk Of Developing Diabetes

: COVID-19 can affect the body in a variety of ways--and the latest research is showing that it could contribute to a diabetes diagnosis. Learn more.&nb...

diet as you age

Tweaking Your Diet As You Age: A Guide For Healthy Eating

: Learn about nutrient-rich foods that support healthy aging, to help you stay active and independent. We’ve also got tips on food safety and supp...

siblings reading together

5 Reasons To Get Your Child Reading This Summer

: Summer is the perfect time to nurture a love of reading in your children. A pediatrician shares the positive effects reading can have on kids. 

lawnmower injuries

How To Stay Safe While Mowing The Lawn This Summer

: Lawnmowers can cause serious injuries. Learn what precautions you can take before, during and after mowing to stay safe all summer long.

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