family celebrating thanksgiving

8 Ways To Make This Thanksgiving Even More Meaningful

: If you are safely gathering with family this year, try incorporating these new traditions into your holiday. 

blueberry pancake muffins

Recipe & Video: Whole-Grain Blueberry Pancake Muffins

: Pancake breakfasts are no longer limited to the weekends! This recipe packs all the flavor of blueberry pancakes in muffin form (maple syrup included)...


Babyproofing 101: What Parents Need To Know About Eliminating Home Hazards

: Babyproofing isn't a once-and-be-done proposition. Learn how to keep your child safe through the stages.

woman with stomachache

How Do I Know If I Have Celiac Disease?

: Learn everything you need to know about this autoimmune condition, including symptoms, testing and treatment.

types of grief

Why You're Grieving, Even If You Haven't Lost Someone

: Grief isn't always about death; learn about the different types of grief and how to cope with your losses.

patient talking to doctor

Does A Lobectomy Affect Your Breathing?

: For some lung cancer patients, removing part of the lung is necessary to get rid of a tumor and improve chances of a cure. Here's what to kn...

nut butters

Which Nut Butter Is Best? How To Pick A Healthy Favorite

: Once made only of peanuts, nut butter varieties are taking center stage in grocery store aisles.

early rehab covid

The Benefits of Starting Rehab Early After A Hospital Stay

: Studies show that starting a rehabilitation program as early as possible during or after a hospital stay helps speed up recovery.

friends hiking

How Body Neutrality Can Promote A Healthier Body Image

: Body positivity says everyone is beautiful, but body neutrality takes the focus off appearance altogether. Here's why that might be a better approach ...

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