father with daughter

What’s The Difference Between Viral And Bacterial Infections?

: While they share a few similarities, viruses and bacteria are very different, from how they thrive to the treatments that work against them. An expert...

pregnant couple walking outside

Spicy Foods, Sex & More: What Actually Helps To Induce Labor?

: Let's set the record straight--can remedies from old wives' tales make you go into labor? A nurse midwife separates fact from fiction.

chips and salsa

Recipe & Video: Roasted Fruit Salsa With Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips

: Who says chips and salsa can’t be healthy? We’ve taken everything you know about this Mexican favorite and made it just a bit sweeter.

person wearing sunhat

Watch Out For Skin Cancer In Unlikely Places

: You can get skin cancer anywhere you have skin--not just in places where the sun hits. A dermatologist shares what to look for.

bodily inflammation

Can Chronic Bodily Inflammation Increase Your Risk Of Heart Problems?

: Bodily inflammation can cause blockages in your arteries which, over time, can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

person angry at phone

Why Does Everyone Seem So Angry All Of A Sudden?

: Pandemic rage is a real thing--and it's making people act more unruly than usual. A psychiatrist explains what what we can do about it. 

midday slump

Feeling Drowsy? How To Overcome The Midday Slump

: If you're dragging through your afternoon, these 10 strategies can help you get back in the game.

5 second rule

The 5-Second Rule: Is It Really Safe To Eat Food Off The Floor?

: According to the so-called “5-second rule,” it’s safe to eat food that only spends a few moments on the floor. But is that really tr...

recovering from heart surgery

How Long Does It Take to Feel Normal After Heart Surgery?

: Learn what to expect after heart surgery and how to boost your recovery with cardiac rehabilitation, follow-up care and lifestyle changes.

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