pregnant woman at computer

Uncovering Inequities In Black Maternal Health

: Black women are at a higher risk of pregnancy complications and Black infants have the highest mortality rate of any race or ethnicity. Learn what can...

patient talking to doctor

The Link Between COVID-19 And Erectile Dysfunction

: While erectile dysfunction (ED) is likely more common in older men with medical issues, men young and old can get ED after contracting COVID-19. An ex...

microplastics in ocean

Microplastics Have Been Found In The Human Bloodstream

: This is the first time scientists have discovered microplastics in our blood. Here's how microplastic exposure could affect our health.

man playing pickleball

Pickleball 101: Game Rules, Fun Facts And Helpful Tips

: Pickleball helps people of all ages get active and have fun. Learn where this game gets its name, basic rules and how to avoid pickleball elbow.

managing challenging behaviors

Have A Child With Behavior Challenges? Here Are 6 Ways To Manage Better

: Use these steps to help your child learn to communicate their needs and emotions more appropriately.

patient talking to doctor

Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines Are Changing—And They Could Be Life Saving

: With a wider definition of who is considered high risk for lung cancer, the disease could be caught at an earlier stage--and lead to an increase in su...

nighttime snacks

How To Pick The Best Option For A Healthy Nighttime Snack

: Learn how to choose healthy nighttime snacks and practice mindful eating to avoid gaining weight or interfering with your sleep.

woman pouring green juice

Redefining Self-Care For Your Mind, Body And Spirit

: Learn how taking time for your yourself can improve your overall health and well-being.

morning walks

Wake Up And Walk! 7 Benefits Of Taking A Morning Stroll

: Learn how a morning walk can boost your mood and productivity while reducing your risk for disease and improving your overall health.

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