Fun & Fitness: Olympic Sports Anyone Can Try

: Summer Olympics sports can be full of backyard fun – and come with astonishing health benefits.

healthy frozen treats

5 Healthy Frozen Treats

: Nothing beats the summer heat like a frozen treat. Unfortunately, most options in the freezer aisle are high in sugar, preservatives and artificial co...

canned tomatoes

Saving Your Summer Harvest: Tips For Canning & Freezing

: The goal of canning and freezing is simple: to ensure food safety and preserve quality so that you can enjoy those fruits and veggies all year long.


Can Gardening Count As Exercise?

: The benefits of gardening go beyond connecting to nature and creating a pretty yard. It's a workout too! 7 tips to maximize your fitness in the garden...

zucchini and corn

Zucchini Corn Casserole Recipe & Video

: Looking for a tasty summer side dish to use up all that fresh, local produce? This zucchini corn casserole -- with a bit of Parmesan -- is the ideal o...

bento lunch box

Beating The Lunchbox Blues: Bento-Style Nachos

: School will be back in session before we know it. For many parents, that comes with the challenge of packing healthy lunches your kids will actually e...

eating overnight oats from a jar

Overnight Oatmeal Recipe

: Looking for a healthy breakfast option that you can grab on-the-go? Try this recipe for overnight oatmeal provided by Darlene Zimmerman, a registered ...

superfood smoothie bowl

Superfood Smoothie Bowl Recipe & Video

: Tips for healthy living

family fun 1

Family Fun Doesnt Break Bank

: Entertaining kids during the summer is easy—if you have unlimited funds. But if you don’t, it can seem challenging. Theme parks, water par...

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