sleeping little boy

Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

: Too many kids are sleep-deprived, which can lead to learning, behavioral and health issues. Establishing consistent sleep habits early on can help.

child watching tv

2 Hours Of Screen Time For Your Child

: We've heard too much screen time is harmful for kids, but there are also some positives to TV, smartphone and technology use. Learn the pros and cons.

woman meditating

6 Ways To Get Started With Meditation

: There are many ways to relax and clear one’s head, but few have a more measurable impact than meditation. 6 simple suggestions for how to get st...

nutrition myths

10 Nutrition Myths, Busted

: We separate fact from fiction when it comes to these 10 common nutrition myths that may be tripping up your goal of healthier eating.

woman hugging a man

How To Share (Or Not Share) A Cancer Diagnosis

: Part of coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis is deciding who to tell and how much to share. A psychologist shares advice for having those conversat...

older man holding his chest

What Is Heart Flutter?

: A cardiologist explains what you need to know if you experience heart flutter, or atrial fibrillation, which is the most common type of arrhythmia.

little girl listening to teddy bear heart

Vaccinations: Are Your Kids Up To Date?

: Each year, health officials evaluate the latest research and update their childhood vaccinations recommendations. Here are a few of the latest changes...

yogurt bark

VIDEO: Raspberry-Chocolate Yogurt Bark Recipe

: A perfect Valentine's Day treat for the sweeties in your life, especially kids. Raspberry and chocolate combine in this frozen Greek yogurt bark recip...

two women hugging

How To Make Friends As An Adult (And Why It Matters)

: Studies show that friendships improve quality of life and even health. But making new friends can be harder as an adult. A few tips on how to break th...

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