brownie mini muffins

Recipe: Black Bean Brownie Mini Muffins

: If you're trying to eat healthy but still want a small treat every now and then, these Heart Smart® Black Bean Brownie Mini Muffins are perfect fo...


Probiotics And More: How Healthy Bacteria Helps Your Gut

: We often think of bacteria as causing illness, but they’re also vital to preventing it & improving health. Cultivate a healthy gut with prob...

baby being feed

New Study Finds Babies Should Consume Peanut Products

: Researchers found that introducing peanuts products to infants can prevent the development of a peanut allergy. Learn why and what it means for parent...

cabbage soup

VIDEO: Vegetarian Cabbage Soup Recipe

: Despite some claims made by promoters of certain crash diets or detoxes, let's just say right here that cabbage soup is not a magical fat-burning elix...

baby at doctors

Picking a Pediatrician for Your Newborn

: It's one of the most important relationships you'll have as a new parent. Here's advice on when and how to find the right pediatrician for your newbor...

woman applying lotion

5 Tips To Care For Your Skin This Winter

: Harsh winters can be brutal on your skin. A dermatologist shares helpful tips for keeping your skin healthy, more hydrated and less irritated this win...


7 Styles Of Yoga: A Handy Glossary

: Convinced yoga is beneficial, but confused by the dizzying array of classes available? We define 7 styles of yoga, so you can find the right one for y...

spicy garlic and turmeric roasted chickpeas

Garlic & Turmeric Roasted Chickpeas Recipe & Video

: When it comes to healthy snacking, these spicy roasted chickpeas are the perfect solution -- high in fiber, protein and nutrients but low in saturated...

woman lying awake

Do You Have Signs Of These Rare Sleep Disorders?

: You've heard of sleep issues like sleep apnea and insomnia, but lesser known sleep disorders can also take a toll on health. Here's what you need to k...

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