woman looking at pregnancy test

Pregnant On Birth Control?

: Oral contraceptives, condoms, IUDs and other forms of birth control are highly effective but even the best methods can fail at times. What you need to...

woman with sleep mask in bed

Don't Lose Sleep Over Daylight Saving Time

: A Henry Ford pulmonologist and sleep expert offers simple tips on how to adjust your bedtime routine and sleep schedule so that you and your family ca...

family in the kitchen

Q&A: All About At-Home Genetics Tests

: Thinking about using an at-home genetic testing kit? A genetics counselor explains the potential risks and benefits of knowing your heredity.


What Mom’s Genes Say About You

: Are you destined for the same health risks as your parents? Not necessarily. Here are 6 conditions that do have a genetic link — and how to minimize r...

restaurant menu label

How To Eat Healthy With New Restaurant Menu Labeling Laws

: New FDA regulations require chain restaurants and grocery stores need to start providing calorie counts on their menus. Registered dietitian Bethany T...

bike fit safety

Let's Ride! Get Ready With These 5 Bike Safety Tips

: Summer is the ideal time to enjoy the fresh air and freedom of a bike ride. It's also a fantastic way to add some activity to your day, burn some calo...

summer sports injuries

Summer Is Peak Time For Outdoor Sports Injuries

: Summer is the perfect time to get outside and get active. However, it also comes with increased risks for sports injuries. Tips on how you can avoid t...

young couple drinking coffee

How To Talk About An STI

: Talking about a sexually transmitted infection (STI) can be uncomfortable. But with a record number of STIs reported last year, honesty is critical.

pill bottle on its side

Shorter Duration Of Some Antibiotics May Be Better For You

: Do you really need to take those antibiotics for 10-14 days or will five days do? Some providers are changing the way they prescribe antibiotics, base...

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