young girl in the backyard

Drug Use & Teens: 5 Crucial Things Every Parent Can Do

: The world of recreational drug use is continually changing. 5 tips for parents to stay informed and communicate with their teens and tweens about drug...

a pile of pill packages

Be Smart About Antibiotic Use

: Antibiotics are not effective against viral infections like the cold, flu and upper respiratory infections. In fact, taking them for a virus can cause...


In Defense Of Carbs: The Key To A Balanced Diet

: A Henry Ford dietitian explains the role carbohydrates play in a healthy diet and how to select the best carb options for you.

patient sitting in bed

Caring For The Cancer Caregiver

: Being a caregiver for a loved one going through cancer treatment can be draining. Taking time for self-care is critical to help you avoid burnout.

woman looking at her skin

Acne And Diet: What’s The Connection?

: While the relationship of acne and diet is still under debate, a dermatologist suggests taking note of a few foods commonly cited as potential culprit...

woman on couch with computer

What's In Your Online Medical Record?

: Online medical records are more prevalent than ever. If you haven't checked out your info lately (or ever), here's why periodically checking it is imp...

gluten free gingerbread granola

Gluten-Free Gingerbread Granola Recipe & Video

: Giving homemade food gifts is one of the nicest ways to spread joy. This gluten-free gingerbread granola is a healthy option with lots of seasonal fla...

smiling girl reading a book

4 Simple Tips For A Better Relationship With Yourself

: There’s no doubt good relationships with others enrich our lives. But have you ever thought about your relationship with yourself? 4 tips for se...

baby being feed

New Study Finds Babies Should Consume Peanut Products

: Researchers found that introducing peanuts products to infants can prevent the development of a peanut allergy. Learn why and what it means for parent...

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