elderly man wearing mask

What Cancer Patients Should Know About COVID-19 And The Flu

: Certain side effects of chemotherapy can also be symptoms of COVID-19 and the flu. As flu season approaches, a medical oncologist shares advice for ca...

bone health nutrition

Bone Health: Why It May Start With Your Diet

: Diet plays a key role in preserving bone health. Learn which nutrients are critical to building and maintaining bone mass.

kids ocd

Is the Pandemic Bringing Out Your Child's OCD Tendencies?

: The global coronavirus pandemic, and its impact on daily routines and school life, may increase kids' anxiety and OCD behaviors. Here's how to help th...

woman with stomach pains

8 Ways You Might Be Making Your IBS Worse

: A gastroenterologist shares lifestyle factors that could lead to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) flare-ups. 

cold and flu season

Navigating Cold And Flu Season During A Pandemic

: This year's cold and flu season carries additional risks and worries. Here's what you need to know to separate cold and flu facts from fiction.

Creamy Tomato and Corn Soup with White Beans Recipe

Recipe & Video: Creamy Tomato and Corn Soup With White Beans

: As the season changes, it's time to put hearty, healthy soups back into your meal planning. Try this easy-to-make creamy tomato and corn soup with gar...

can smart watch help diagnose afib

Can A Smart Watch Help Diagnose AFib?

: Smart watches and fitness trackers don’t just track steps. They’re also valuable tools for identifying and managing heart rhythm disorders...

mask acne

Preventing Acne Caused By Mask Wearing

: Though it's so important and necessary, wearing a mask frequently may end up irritating your skin and cause breakouts. How to prevent mask-related acn...

broken bones kids

What You Need To Know About Childhood Fractures

: If your child breaks a bone, you probably have lots of questions. A Henry Ford orthopedic surgeon breaks down what parents need to know about childhoo...

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