spilled supplements

Self-Prescribing Supplements? Here's Why You Should Think Again

: Too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Here's why you should check with your doctor before taking any dietary supplement. 

supporting healthcare workers

8 Ways You Can Support A Healthcare Hero

: Now is the time to do what we can to inspire hope and help lift our healthcare workers as we continue to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

winter workouts

6 Tips For The Best Cold-Weather Workout

: Adopting these six strategies can help ensure your outdoor winter workouts are safe and effective and might help you stave off COVID-19.

man putting drops in eyes

Say Goodbye To Dry Eyes With These Expert Tips

: A family medicine physician shares simple tips for how you can reduce symptoms of dry eyes.

man getting vaccination

Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine? Here's How To Prepare

: Make sure you are prepared for your first appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine with these doctor-approved recommendations.

choking kids

How To Prevent Your Child From Choking

: Choking is almost entirely preventable. Here's how to ensure your child breathes easy — and what to do if he doesn't.

orthopedic surgeon

When To See An Orthopedic Surgeon

: Henry Ford orthopedic surgeon offers insight and advice about which aches, pains and events warrant an appointment.

postpartum emotions

Beyond The Baby Blues: How To Navigate Your Postpartum Emotions

: Postpartum emotions can be challenging. Here's what you should know about how to manage them and when they're a sign of trouble.

doctors performing surgery

4 Methods Of Facial Reconstruction After Cancer

: While removing tumors from the head and neck area used to be functionally and cosmetically deformative, there are now a variety of procedures that can...

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