woman at cafe

I've Had My Shots, Now What? Life After The COVID-19 Vaccine

: After you've been fully vaccinated, you can feel more protected. But don't go crazy just yet--even those who are vaccinated should still be cautious r...

woman with headache

What Is Chemo Brain?

: Forgetfulness, disordered thinking and an inability to concentrate can be side effects from chemotherapy. An expert shares what you can do about it.

woman with stomach pain

How Lack Of Sleep Can Affect Gut Health

: Not getting enough sleep can negatively affect the body in many ways--including causing digestive and gut issues. An expert shares what to know.

heart attack stroke questions

Heart Attack and Stroke: Your Top Questions Answered

: Heart attack and stroke are two related conditions that have very different symptoms and effects. Learn the key facts to help reduce your risk for bot...

postpartum birth control

Postpartum Birth Control: Exploring Your Options For Post-Birth Fertility

: Learn which birth control options are best after delivering a new baby.

sleep and heart health

How To Balance Your Sleep Schedule To Improve Your Heart Health

: Sometimes we forget that sleep is a necessity and not a luxury. New studies show that keeping up with your sleep can keep your heart healthy.

pregnancy COVID anxiety

COVID Anxiety While Pregnant? 4 Strategies To Help You Get By

: Anxiety runs high even during an ideal pregnancy. Add COVID-19 to the mix and you may need a preemptive plan to find calm inside of chaos.

doctor discussions

The Importance Of Telling The Truth To Your Doctor

: Learn why the topics you're most embarrassed to address with your doctor are the same ones they most need to hear about.

11 minute workouts

Can You Get the Exercise You Need In 11 Minutes?

: Sitting all day is bad for you, but you may need to spend less time exercising than you think to reap the benefits.

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