How (And When) To Begin Weaning Your Child From Just About Anything

: Whether you're trying to break your baby from bottle feeding, nursing or pacifier, we've got you covered.

sitting vs standing

Sitting Versus Standing While Eating: Which Is Best For Digestion?

: Are you too busy to sit down to eat? Find out how eating habits impact your digestion and overall health.

man doing situps

The Role Of Sports In Shaping Men’s Body Image—And How We Can Be More Inclusive

: A recent study showed that stereotypical masculinity is still viewed as ideal, especially when it comes to athletics. Here's how it can affect men--an...

couple hiking

Type 2 Diabetes May Accelerate Cognitive Decline, Research Shows

: Learn how type 2 diabetes could affect your brain--and what you can do to keep it sharp. 

menthol use

Menthol Products May Be A Gateway To Tobacco Addiction, Studies Show

: Learn why it's easier for smokers to get hooked on menthol than other nicotine products.

phases of sleep

What Happens While You Sleep? The 4 Sleep Phases Explained

: Learn about the 4 phases of sleep you cycle through each night. Find tips for improving your sleep and knowing when to see a doctor for difficulty sle...

oat bites

Recipe & Video: No-Bake Oatmeal Peanut Butter Almond Snack Bites

: These no-bake oatmeal snack bites make for the perfect grab-and-go snack - for traveling, school or work!

mother and son at computer

How Flawed, Race-Based Guidance Has Impacted Healthcare—And What’s Being Done About It

: The American Academy of Pediatrics is reviewing their pediatric guidance to see where race has erroneously played a role. Learn why this is essential ...


Hemorrhoid Care: How To Treat And Then Avoid In The Future

: No one wants to talk about hemorrhoids, but lots of people get them. Learn how to treat — or better yet, prevent — this painful problem.

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