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It feels like advice about nutrition is constantly changing. One day, probiotics are a godsend. The next, everyone is talking about going keto or avoiding lectins. Our registered dietitian nutritionists regularly help sort through the noise and provide practical advice to help you on your quest for healthy eating.

Here are our most popular articles on nutrition and diet trends in 2018.

  • The Ketogenic Diet: What You Should Know
    The ketogenic diet has been around for decades, but it has recently become a weight-loss trend. But are the fat-burning claims legit, and are there risks?
  • 10 Foods That Seem Healthy But Aren’t
    Buzzwords like “all-natural” or “gluten-free” may make a food sound healthy. But upon closer reading of nutrition labels, many of these foods don’t live up to their reputation as health foods.
  • Inflammation and Your Diet: What’s the Connection?
    Seemingly every day, a new study suggests chronic inflammation is the root cause of disease. Here, a registered dietitian nutritionist explains how your diet can play a role and suggests five types of foods to eat — and five to avoid — to reduce inflammation.
  • 10 Ways to Cut Hidden Calories From Your Day
    Calories hide in unexpected places. An extra bite while cooking. Treats in the break room. Extra whipped cream on your iced mocha. Reduce your daily calorie intake — and your weight — with these 10 strategies from a registered dietitian and weight-loss expert.
  • The Truth About Lectins & Lectin-Free Diets
    A popular book titled The Plant Paradox suggests that lectins, or carbohydrate-binding proteins, are one of the root causes of inflammation. In it, the author claims that regularly eating lectin-rich foods could increase your risk of chronic diseases including cancer and obesity. The end result: A growing number of Americans are abandoning a large category of plant-based foods (including grains, nuts and even tomatoes). But is this claim legit?
  • How to Choose a (Truly) Healthy Protein Bar
    With protein bars, what you see isn’t always what you get. Despite their labels’ health claims, some have as much sugar as a candy bar. Here’s what to look for to ensure you’re getting a healthy snack, according to a registered dietitian.
  • True or False? Exploring 5 Myths About Spicy Foods
    You’ve probably heard rumors about spicy foods — that they increase your metabolism, that they can induce labor, that the cause ulcers. But is there any merit to these claims? To help us tell fiery fact from flaming fiction, we address a few common myths about spicy foods and the science behind them.

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