pomegranate smoothie
pomegranate smoothie

Pomegranate Power Smoothie Recipe & Video

Posted on October 19, 2016 by Henry Ford Health Staff

Start your mornings with this pretty-in-pink Pomegranate Power Smoothie. There’s more to it than just its good looks — it tastes great, of course, and is full of powerful nutrients that women need like calcium, vitamin C, potassium, fiber and more.

Not only is eating more fruits and vegetables shown to be beneficial for your health in a number of ways — lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, and prevention of some types of cancer, to name a few — the variety of fruits and vegetables you eat is also key. No one fruit or vegetable has the magic formula and can provide you with complete nutrition. So, eating all kinds of different produce, like the peaches, cherries and bananas used here, helps you maximize the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals you consume. Even when a fruit or type of berry may not be in season, the freezer section can be your best friend. Frozen fruit is perfect for smoothies!

Pomegranate Power Smoothie

Yield: 4 servings


1 cup fat-free milk
½ cup vanilla non-fat Greek yogurt
1 cup frozen peach slices
½ cup frozen dark sweet cherries
½ banana, sliced
1 cup pomegranate juice
3 ice cubes
3 medjool dates, pitted
½ teaspoon Kroger ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon Kroger vanilla extract
2 Tablespoons pomegranate seeds (optional)


Place fat-free milk, yogurt, peach slices, cherries, banana slices, pomegranate juice, ice, dates, ground cinnamon and vanilla extract in blender. Blend on high until smooth. Divide between four glasses and top with pomegranate seeds (optional).

NUTRITION INFORMATION PER SERVING: 175 Calories; 0 grams Fat; 0 grams Saturated Fat; 1 mg Cholesterol; 56 mg Sodium; 40 grams Carbohydrates; 34 grams Sugar; 3 grams Fiber; 6 grams Protein

What are the health benefits of these ingredients?

  • Fat-free milk: Good source of protein; high in calcium
  • Non-fat Greek yogurt: Contains more protein than regular yogurt
  • Peaches: Good source of vitamin A and vitamin C
  • Dark sweet cherries: Good source of potassium and vitamin C
  • Bananas: Good source of potassium, fiber and vitamin C
  • Dates: Contain fiber and potassium
  • Pomegranate seeds: Good source of fiber and vitamin C

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