Our Most Popular Recipes From 2020


This year, we have all found ourselves spending a lot more time at home. As a result of restaurants and stores closing, many people have taken this time to get more creative in the kitchen or look for new ways to keep family mealtime interesting when everyone is home together. Maybe that has meant ordering carry-out from your favorite local restaurants. Or maybe you’ve gotten the whole family involved in preparing meals.

As this year wraps up, here is a collection of our most popular recipes. Trends seem to include classic family favorite dishes with a healthy twist, one-pan meals that come together quick, and bite-sized snacks to enjoy between meals.

cauliflower fried rice

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Looking for a low-carb, low-calorie alternative to a family favorite dish? Try swapping out brown or white rice for cauliflower. Cauliflower rice serves as a great neutral base for delicious veggies and a perfectly flavored sauce. Combine together for a dish that might even rival your favorite carry-out fried rice.

popcorn bars

Popcorn Trail Mix Bars

Popcorn is a great whole-grain, low-calorie snack that isn’t just for movie night! If you’re looking for a delicious sweet and salty snack to enjoy, look no further than these trail mix bars. The sweetness of chocolate chips, salty almonds and chewy dried cherries combine together with air popped popcorn for a bar that is almost impossible to resist. Enjoy as a snack or when you are on the go!

broccoli cheddar bites

Broccoli Cheddar Bites

These savory bite-sized treats are the perfect snack to include at your next family game night or while you are watching your favorite sports teams. Adults and kids alike won’t be able to result these cheesy bites (that still are packed with vitamin rich veggies). And at only 35 calories each, you’ll have no problem enjoying a few completely guilt-free.

moroccan buddha bowl

Moroccan Sheet Pan Buddha Bowl

Spice it up in the kitchen tonight! Enjoy rich flavors inspired by Morocco in this hearty plant-based grain bowl that comes together in only a few steps. Roast all your veggies together in the oven and serve over quinoa. Great for dinner with the whole family, or to make for yourself and package up individual servings for lunch throughout the week.

lasagna rollups

Spinach Lasagna Rollups

Who can resist a great pasta dish? If you love lasagna but don’t want to spend the whole evening putting it together, these rollups are the perfect alternative. Simply roll up your spinach and ricotta filing in cooked lasagna noodles and let bake for 20 minutes. That’s it! It’s that easy! These individual rolls look beautiful and are the perfect serving size. Pro tip: freeze your leftovers for the next time you need to get dinner on the table quickly.

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