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Diabetic Eye Exams

Elderly CoupleWhen it comes to diabetic care, prevention is a key tool in preserving vision.           

Annual eye exams go a long way toward diagnosing and treating retinal problems before they affect one’s eyesight.  More frequent exams are needed for patients with diabetic retinopathy (an abnormality of blood vessels in the retina), which is one of the major complications of diabetes.

As most diabetic patients know, good control of blood sugar levels through diet, exercise and medicine can prevent many complications, including vision problems.  A retinal exam is critical to detect diabetic retinopathy and monitor changes in one’s vision over time. 

HFO recommends a dilated eye exam at least once a year for everyone with diabetes.  A dilated eye exam can detect early signs of retinopathy and other vision problems like glaucoma and cataracts.

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