Transitions Adaptive Lenses

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Seamless Fabulous

Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light situations, changing from clear to dark when outdoors, and back to clear when you're inside.

Always-On Protection

Transitions lenses help protect from UV and filter blue-violet light***

Style Booster

Choose from a wide range of lens colors and express your personal style with Transitions lenses tailored to your eyecare needs.

Enjoy light more comfortably in lenses that adapt and protect from UV rays and harmful blue light indoors and out. Transitions Lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light, from clear indoors to dark outdoors, and every shade in-between.  Ask us how you can upgrade your lenses today!

Which Transitions lens is right for you?

Light Under ControlTransitions® Signature® GEN 8

Engineered to provide your eyes with a better vision experience and protection** they're our clearest & fastest lenses.

  • Protection from 100% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Completely clear when indoors
  • Offered in a complete range of vibrant colors
  • Blue Light filter to help reduce exposure from both the sun and digital sources

Choose your Style:



Graphite Green





Transitions® XTRActive® new generation

The best for people who are very light sensitive or frequently exposed to bright light.

  • The darkest in the car - ideal for those who drive often
  • Superior UV protection and Blue Light protection
  • Activates faster and gets darker than previous generations

Choose your Style:



Graphite Green

Boost your style with Style Mirrors: 

Style Mirrors Silver Shadow

Style Mirrors Blue

Style Mirrors Gold

Style Mirrors Green

Style Mirrors Pink

Style Mirrors Red

Transitions® Signature® Polarized™

The best for people who are frequently exposed to bright light and reflective glare looking for sharper vision, vivid colors and larger view outdoors.

  • Protection from 100% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Up to 90% Polarization efficiency
  • Extra Dark and polarized at the same time while activated
  • Improved performance event at high temperatures

Choose your Style:



***Transitions lenses filter at least 26% of blue-violet light indoors & at least 86% outdoors. Tests performed on grey lenses with a premium anti-reflective coating. Blue-violet light is between 400 and 455nm (ISO TR 20772:2018).

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