One Day Disposables

Uncomplicate your life with Clariti and Proclear® 1-day disposable contact lenses.

Clariti and Proclear 1-day disposable contact lenses are now available at Henry Ford OptimEyes! They are the healthiest contacts lenses you can wear, and they are ideal for people who have allergies. In fact, they are great contact lenses for just about everybody.

Clariti and Proclear 1-day disposable contact lenses offer the following advantages:

  • Ultimate convenience - wear them for a day, and then throw them away.
  • Healthiest contact lens option - daily replacement promotes good ocular health.
  • Fewer contact lens complications.
  • Perfect for sensitive eyes or allergies. Save money - no solution / cleaning needed.
  • Clariti and Proclear 1-day disposable contact lenses are technically advanced, simple, healthy, affordable, disposable - no muss, no fuss.

Make an appointment today with Henry Ford OptimEyes. Your optometrist will prescribe what contacts are best for your lifestyle and wearing schedule.

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