Foggy Lenses Got You Down?

Fog can happen to anyone, anytime. It appears unexpectedly with temperature changes, and it can interrupt your daily life with:

Changing Environments

  • Boiling water, opening the dishwasher, drinking hot beverages, or eating hot food

Outdoor Activities

  • Playing sports, such as running, cycling or tennis

Indoor Activities At Work

  • Moving from cold to warmer environments 
  • It appears unexpectedly
  • Following safety precautions
  • Wearing a mask

Crizal Optifog UV Lenses are now available!

Crizal Optifog UV Lenses not only provide fog protection, they also provide no glare and UV protection. Each pair of Optifog lenses comes with 4 Activator Cloths that both clean and activate the Optifog lenses. Simply clean the lenses daily with the Activator Cloth for the Optifog lenses to remain active. 

  • Only use the Activator Cloth on dry lenses
  • Each cloth lasts 3 months on average
  • Additional cloths can be purchased at any Henry Ford OptimEyes location
  • When necessary, wash your Optifog lenses with water and dry the lenses before using the Activator Cloth
  • Do not use Activator Cloth on wet lenses
  • Each pair of Optifog lenses comes with 4 Activator Cloths that both clean and activate the lenses
  • Store the Activator Cloth in its original, resealable, packaging for greater longevity
  • To preserve the life of the Optifog Activator Cloth, use only on Optifog lenses.
  • Do not wash the Activator Cloth at any time as it will reduce its activation efficiency.

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