Imaging Physics Residency Program

Department Chairman: Manual Brown, M.D.
Residency Program Director: Donald Peck, Ph.D.
Residency Program Co-Director: Nicholas Bevins, Ph.D.
Residency Coordinator: Rita Tobey

The Imaging Physics Residency training program at Henry Ford Health System is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP). The objective of the Imaging Physics Residency training program is to educate and train medical physicists to perform and understand those aspects of imaging physics to allow safe and accurate imaging procedures for patient care. In addition, the training will prepare the resident to perform other aspects of an imaging physicist's responsibilities including teaching, research, radiation safety and administration.

The Imaging Physics Residency training program will consist of a twenty four (24) month term. The training will include both clinical and technical areas of imaging physics for all imaging modalities and will include:

  1. System design and fundamentals.
  2. Specification, acceptance testing, and quality assurance.
  3. Measurement and calculation of radiation exposure, dose and radiation safety.
  4. Improving and maintaining medical image quality.

In the first sixteen months there will be eight (8) - two month rotations in the following areas:

  1. General Radiographic Imaging and Mammography.
  2. Radiation Safety
  3. Nuclear Medicine
  4. Fluoroscopy and Interventional Radiology
  5. Computed Tomography
  6. MRI
  7. PACS/RIS Systems
  8. Ultrasound

In each rotation a Senior Staff Physicist will be assigned to the resident as a mentor for the rotation. The last part of the residency is elective rotations and includes assigned teaching. The teaching may include Radiology Residents, Technologist and/or Allied Health Personnel within the Health System. Also during this time the resident may participate in clinical research. The clinical research project will be modeled after the American Board of Radiology Maintenance of Certification Self-Directed Education Project (SDEP).

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