Therapeutic Medical Physics Residency Program

Department Chairman: Benjamin Movsas, M.D.
Residency Program Director: Chadd Smith, Ph.D.
Residency Program Co-Director: Anthony Doemer, M.S.
Residency Coordinator: Jamie Harris

The 2-year Therapeutic Medical Physics Residency program at Henry Ford Hospital is intended to train and prepare emerging physicists for a successful career in medical physics and radiation oncology. The goal of the program is to provide practical clinical medical physics experience in a mentored setting that is further supported by comprehensive didactic learning experiences.

The program is designed to provide residents with the broad knowledge base and analytical skills necessary to fulfill the various roles and responsibilities of a medical physicist in radiation oncology.

Primary objectives of the program

  • Provide broad-based, in-depth training that will permit the graduate to immediately contribute to the safe and accurate delivery of care to patients in radiation oncology.
  • Prepare the graduate for certification in the specialty of Radiation Oncology Physics by an appropriate certification Board.

Training of medical physics residents will take place under the close supervision of experienced radiation oncology physicists. In addition, radiation oncologists, dosimetrists, therapists and other members of the radiation oncology team will be actively involved. The program emphasizes all areas of training and experience that will be needed by a radiation oncology medical physicist in any setting, ranging from the “state-of-the-art” treatment facility to smaller, private practice clinics.

Upon completion of the program, a resident should be prepared to practice independently as a therapy medical physicist and immediately contribute to the broader community of medical physics. However, the field is ever expanding, and the responsibilities of the physicist continue to evolve. Therefore, the residency program must not only prepare the resident to perform the traditional roles of quality assurance, treatment planning, radiation safety, educational instruction, and research, but also help the resident to develop sufficient skills and abilities to adapt to new technologies, investigate novel treatment techniques, and critically evaluate QA processes and clinical flow. Development of interpersonal and communication skills, especially at a technical level, is also increasingly important. Physicists must be able to collaborate productively with therapists, dosimetrists, nurses, doctors, and administrators on a variety of clinical, education, and research efforts.

Conversely, the resident and residency program aid the department in furthering the goals of continuous improvement of faculty and clinical operations. Resident feedback on faculty mentors provides a mechanism for critical evaluation and development of teaching and communication skills. Instruction of residents promotes the regular review and re-evaluation of QA processes, treatment procedures, planning techniques, and clinical processes.

Summary of rotation descriptions

# Rotation Title Duration
1 Introduction to Radiation Oncology and Machine QA 3 mths
(13 wks)
2 Treatment Planning 3 mths
(13 wks)
3 Radiosurgery (SRS/SBRT) 3 mths
(13 wks)
4 Brachytherapy 3 mths
(13 wks)
5 Advanced Treatment Planning and Treatment Planning Systems  3 mths
(13 wks)
6 IGRT and Imaging for Radiotherapy 2 mths
(9 wks)
7 Radiobiology 1 mth
(4 wks)
8 Annual QA and Advanced QA 2 mths
(9 wks)
9 Special Procedures (TBI, TSET, Intraoperative Radiation) 1 mth
(4 wks)
10 Radiation Safety 1 mth
(4 wks)
x Electives 2 mths
(8 wks)
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