Program Design

As of July 1st 2019, The VUI training program will be transitioning and the PGY-1 year will now be a part of the urology program.

The PGY-1 rotation for our residents include:

  • 3 months of General Surgery
  • 3 months of additional non-urological surgical training (Colorectal Surgery, Plastic, Transplant)
  • 5 months of Urology
  • 1 month of ICU

The URO-1 year is spent at Henry Ford Hospital. The URO-1 residents see patients in clinic and operate at the main campus with a variety of senior staff urologists who have expertise in general urology and various urologic subspecialties. They perform minor office procedures in the clinic and minor operative procedures in the operating room as the primary surgeon. The residents also operate on selected cases at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. They assist on more complex operations as first or second assistant to the chief or more senior resident. They spend two to three days each week in the clinic and two to three days in the operating room. They gain expertise in cystoscopy, transrectal ultrasound, urodynamic studies and minor office procedures such as circumcision.

The URO-2 year is spent on the campus of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) and at Henry Ford Hospital. There is a three month rotation at Children's Hospital of Michigan with Drs. Lakshmanan and Suson. The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) is 10 minutes from Henry Ford Hospital. At Children's Hospital, osteopathic residents from the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) rotate with the Henry Ford Hospital resident, but the Henry Ford Hospital resident has the senior resident role. There is no pediatric urology fellowship program at Children's Hospital. The resident is in the operating room three to three and a half days per week. At Henry Ford Hospital, the resident has a dedicated rotation in endourology with Drs. Littleton and Leavitt, during which they acquire skills in ureteroscopy and complex endoscopic surgical procedures. There is also a 2 month rotation in female urology with Dr. Atiemo.

The URO-3 year also is divided between Henry Ford Hospital and The Detroit Medical Center (DMC). The residents spend three months at Children's Hospital in a more senior role. In addition, there is a 2 month senior rotation in female urology with Ds. Atiemo. The remainder of the year is spent at Henry Ford Hospital doing general urology and robotic urology.

The URO-4 year is spent at Henry Ford Hospital. Four months is spent as Dr. Menon’s resident doing robotic-assisted urologic procedures at Henry Ford Hospital and Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, four months as the robotic chief resident, and four months supervising the general urology service.

Over the past several years, VUI residents have participated in off-site clinical development programs with the senior staff, including Intuitive Surgical, Sunnyvale, CA (pediatric urology, renal surgery), and the Institute of Urology, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (pediatric urology, renal surgery, female urology). In addition, the residents have participated in the annual IRUS (International Robotic Urology Symposium) in Las Vegas.

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