Vascular Neurology Fellowship FAQs

  1. Does the program offer training in interventional neurology? At this time, we do not offer such training. Trainees can observe procedures done by interventional neuroradiologists. If approved by the hospital (e.g. reciprocity agreement, malpractice coverage), trainees are allowed to do outside rotations in Interventional Neuroradiology.
  2. How long is the program? One year, optional second year.
  3. Is the hospital a JCAHO-certified stroke center? Yes.
  4. How many stroke teaching staff are there? There are currently 5 fellowship-trained vascular neurologists, and 2 fellowship-trained neurointensivists.
  5. Does your program participate in the NRMP Match? Yes, as of 2015, our program will participate in the NRMP Match process to fill its positions. Unfilled positions can be negotiated following the match at the discretion of the program director.
  6. When are applications for fellowship due? Currently, the ERAS application opens to residents in December and the NRMP Match Rank Order List closes at the beginning of May. Please refer to ERAS and NRMP websites for exact dates for your application year.
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Information for Applicants
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