Life After Fellowship

Our fellowship is designed to prepare fellows for clinical or academic practice in vascular surgery. Here's an example of graduation plans of our recent Vascular Surgery Fellows:

Saurabh Gupta, M.D.

Graduated: 2023

After Fellowship: Vascular Surgeon, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD

Kevin T. Onofrey, M.D.

Graduated: 2022

After Fellowship: Vascular Surgeon, Henry Ford Health, Detroit, MI

Lauren Cardella, D.O.

Graduated: 2021

After Fellowship: Vascular Surgeon, Michigan Vascular Center, Flint MI

Scott Bendix, M.D.

Graduated: 2020

After Fellowship: Vascular Surgeon, Beaumont Health System - Royal Oak, MI

As a vascular fellow at Henry Ford, I feel comfortable with almost any clinical situation that may encounter. The clinical training experience is second to none. The wide variety of clinical pathology that we get exposed to is one of the strong points of the program. Even as a first-year fellow, I have operated on numerous complex open and endovascular procedures. The faculty are extremely interested in our training, whether it’s in the outpatient clinic, weekend rounds, or in the operating room. I am confident that upon completion of my fellowship I will be comfortable going into any type of practice I choose.

Farah Mohammad, MBBS

Graduated: 2019

After Fellowship: Vascular Surgeon, Henry Ford Hospital-Detroit, MI

Henry Ford hospital especially the vascular surgery department became my family during my general surgery residency. The faculty in the department are exceptionally dedicated to their patients as well as to their trainee education. The fellowship experience is superb with taking care of bread and butter vascular surgery to complex reconstructions that have been transferred from all over Michigan. It involves involvement in all aspects of patient care, preoperative to postoperative with excellent support from residents and especially the mid-level providers.

Jason Ryan, M.D.

Graduated: 2018

After Fellowship: Vascular Surgeon, Borgess Hospital - Kalamazoo, MI

The vascular surgery fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital has proven to be a busy, clinically oriented fellowship. What drew me to this program was the fact that while implementing the latest in endovascular techniques, there is still a high volume of open vascular surgery being done. Many of the patients that we care for here have very challenging and complex medical histories which allows maximal educational benefit. It became quickly apparent to me that the case volume and complexity of the operations would be ideal for a vascular surgery training program. The breadth of cases includes everything from vein ablation and dialysis access to open thoracoabdominal aneurysms and TEVAR’s. As someone who plans to enter private practice when fellowship is over, I am confident that I will feel comfortable with my acquired skill set and the training that I received at Henry Ford.

Sara Wasilenko, D.O.

Graduated: 2017

After Fellowship: Vascular Surgeon, Provident St. Peter's Hospital - Olympia, WA

Henry Ford Hospital is allowing me to achieve my goals of becoming a Vascular Surgeon. The Vascular Surgery Fellowship is providing me with a vast array of exposure of critical patients, as well as wide variety of case volume. Our case volume includes everything from vein ablations to endovascular procedures to open cases. Once I complete my fellowship I know I will be a well-trained vascular surgeon.

Sheraz Qureshi, M.D.

Graduated: 2016

After Fellowship: Vascular Surgeon, Centegra Health Systems, McHenry, IL

My name is Sheraz Qureshi and I am currently the second year vascular surgery fellow. The vascular surgery fellowship at HFH is a very clinically oriented program and not just a technical fellowship. We take care of the whole patient and it has helped me become better surgeon. The patient and case variety I have seen has given me experience in treating a wide range of vascular pathologies from venous reflux and dialysis access to complex thoracoabdominal aneurysms. Not only do I have the chance to implement the latest endovascular techniques and devices, but also to strengthen my open surgical vascular abilities. I am thankful for the collaborative work environment and routinely have the opportunity to learn from our colleagues in cardiac surgery and interventional radiology. I have had an exceptional learning experience overall and I feel confident going out in to practice next year.

Information for Applicants
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