Duration: 4 weeks

Period offered: All

Distribution of student's time:
70% inpatient care
20% outpatient care
10% conferences/lectures

Enrollment/period: 2 maximum, upon availability

Prerequisites: Completion of core clerkship in Medicine

The student rotating in Gastroenterology/Hepatology will spend 2 weeks on the inpatient Gastroenterology consultative service, 1 week on the Hepatology inpatient consultation service, and 1 week in the outpatient Gastroenterology clinic. During the inpatient component, the student will see 1-2 consultations per day. He/she completes the evaluation and develops a differential diagnosis with management recommendations. A fellow and senior staff gastroenterologist or hepatologist reviews the student’s evaluation and findings and makes the final recommendations. During the outpatient component, the student sees 1-2 outpatient consults per week in a similar fashion. It is at the discretion of the staff whether the student shadows in clinic or sees the patient independently first. The student attends all teaching conferences. A core curriculum of 8-10 lectures per month is presented by GI fellows or staff. At the end of the rotation, students will provide evaluations to be completed.

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