Duration: 4 or 8 weeks

Distribution of student's time:
50% inpatient care
30% clinical rounds
20% conferences/lectures

On-call responsibility: Every 2-3 days

Enrollment/Period: 4 maximum, upon availability

Prerequisites: Completion of core clerkship in Medicine and Surgery


  • Quality of care given
  • The number of patients given care
  • Participation and performance in conferences
  • Level of knowledge
  • Level of skills

Methods to be used in student Evaluation:

  • Observation of performance by faculty and house officers

This subinternship is designed to initiate the subintern into the neurosurgical milieu by rapid and total immersion in the activities of a busy urban neurosurgical practice. The subintern will take regular call every third night (weekends excluded) with our house staff, providing a unique opportunity to participate in the primary diagnosis and treatment of subarachnoid hemorrhage, intracranial trauma, spine trauma and other neurosurgical conditions, which present to an emergency room. Active participation is further broadened by the acquisition under direction of a variety of neurosurgical procedures. These include ICP bolt placement, halo placement, burr holes for chronic subdurals and other biopsy procedures in addition to the standard procedures of ICU management. The subintern rotates through the subspecialty services, including neuro-oncology, vascular and spine and functional. A pediatric Neurosurgery Program completes the experience.

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