Duration: 4 weeks

Distribution of student's time:
100% outpatient/specialty

On-call responsibility: Once per clerkship

Average number of patients seen each week: 40

Enrollment/Period: 2 maximum, upon availability

Prerequisites: Completion of core clerkships in Medicine

Clerkship Objectives:

  • Enhance knowledge and skills pertaining to interviewing, physical examination, or patient interactions, clinical judgment and procedures (i.e., physical exam techniques, therapy and advice to patients).
  • Increase student involvement in conferences, journal clubs.
  • Increase student use/review of the medical literature.


  • Quality of care given
  • Participation and performance in conferences
  • Level of knowledge
  • Level of skills
  • Conference presentations

Methods to be used in student evaluation:

  • Observation of performance by faculty and house officers
  • Assessment of write-ups/reports
  • Conference presentations

The student is introduced to medical and surgical ophthalmology. He/she should learn basic terminology. The student is taught to recognize common diseases and approaches to management. The student will become familiar with examination and diagnostic techniques and be taught a systematic approach to an ophthalmological history and physical. The student will also have the option to observe surgery.

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