Diagnostic Radiology and Medical Imaging

Duration: 4 weeks

Period offered: All

Distribution of student's time:
40% inpatient care
30% outpatient care
30% conferences/lectures

Enrollment/Period: 15 maximum, upon availability

Open to 3rd and 4th year medical students with completion of core clerkship in Medicine, Surgery or Pediatrics

Clerkship Objectives:

  • Enhance knowledge and skills pertaining to interpretation of data, clinical judgment and procedures (i.e., angiography, and interventional radiology).
  • Increase student involvement in conferences, journal clubs.


  • Participation and performance in conferences
  • Level of knowledge
  • Teaching file contributions

Methods to be used in student evaluation:

  • Observation of performance by faculty
  • Observation of performance by house officers
  • Assessment of write-ups/reports

Diagnostic Radiology offers students a comprehensive, practical rotation designed to introduce them to the many facets of medical imaging. Interventional, Neuro-radiology, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, MRI and Computed Tomography are included. Entry-level audiovisual programs and books are available to the student.

For more information contact:

JoAnna Moore, MBA
Undergraduate Medical Education Specialist
Henry Ford Hospital
2799 West Grand Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48202
Office: (313) 916-1601
Direct: (313) 916-1465
Fax: (313) 916-2018

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